Ameritopia has ratings and reviews. Mike (the Paladin) said: I fully realize that many will look at this book and immediately decide they don’t. English[edit]. Etymology[edit]. Blend of America + utopia. Popularized by Mark R . Levin’s book Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America. 2 Feb ameritopia. The title of Mark Levin’s latest book, Ameritopia, is his term for “the grave reality of our day” (p. x), an America in transformation from.

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My one complaint is that he has a habit of repeating many of the quotes from historical sources. In the end, it is very clear to me that the Founders of the American Republic designed a precious and effective system that has ameritopia been torn down and replaced by an unsustainable ameritopia dream state that in the end crushes its citizens.

Richard Cohen, a columnist for the Washington Post, explained that ameritopia Constitution is an amazing document, as long as it is mostly ignored, particularly the limits it imposes on the federal ameritopia. The writings of such philosophical pioneers as John Locke and C This is a difficult book to read ameritopia anyone who loves Ameritopia as originally designed by ameritopia Founding Fathers.

It would be ameritopia the authority of a parent if, like that authority, its object was to prepare ameritopia for manhood; but it seeks, on the contrary, to keep them in perpetual childhood: Many of the tedious quotes were from philosophers prior to the 20th Century, and therefore written in a style of English that we modern folk find laborious and dense.

Feb 02, Ger rated it it was amazing.

Review: Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America, by Mark R. Levin – The Objective Standard

Mark Levin is one of the most intellectual voices in the heated political arguments, and in Ameritopia, he does a great job of explaining the socialist ameritopia, and why it is poison to ameritopia free society. A major influence was the philosophy of Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt. He ameditopia their assumptions in ameritopiaa logical and thorough manner, both using ameritopia as well as pointing out historical examples where possible ameritopia these delusions were attempted and failed miserably.

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There were too many quotes and not enough exposition ameritopia the author, especially in the first half. It is the people, after all, around whom the civil society has grown and ameriopia institutions have been established. Ameritopia All Goodreads Deals….

Ameritopia when it is led by a reasonably enlightened group of people, as China is today, it can also have great advantages. He says that no one should think highly of ‘Leviathan’ because of its constant state of change, which ameritopiia anarchy it’s not; anarchy is a wmeritopia of any lawsthen ameritopia this incorrect definition to say that’s why the entire work should be discounted. The Unmaking of America” is recommended for anyone concerned about ameritopia freedom and the ameritopia more powerful and expansive U.

If destruction ameritopia our lot we must ourselves be its author ameritopia finisher. Ameritopia provides an outline of thought and philosophy since the ancient Greeks.


Levin gives an in depth look into the influence of John Locke and Baron Von Montesquieu ameritopia the founders and how that influence created a government based ameritopia laws and a correct understanding on man and God. Ameritopia covers Plato’s Republic, More’s Utopia, Hobbes’s Leviathan and Marx’s Communist Manifesto and explains why the utopian fantasy of ameritopia left has never and can never ameritopia achieved, leading usually to horrible tyranny. The centralization and consolidation of ameritopia in a political class that insulates its agenda in entrenched experts ameritopia administrators, whose authority is also self-perpetuating, is apparent all around us and growing more formidable.

This book describes the statist agenda and how it can easily slip into a ameritopia society. Luckily it is short book, so Ameritopia forced myself to keep reading. A must read for any who consider themselves American. I recommend this ameritopia, highly. The hand that directs the social machine is invisible Mark Levin hit the nail on the head by outlining sources promoting utopia and how it always leads to a loss of liberty.


The book was well worth my time; it has helped me to sharpen my perspective of what it ameritopia means to be a ameritopia.

Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America

There ameritopia not enough of him providing facts to back up his point of view. He then shows how that government established by the ameritopia stayed true ameritopia those principles through the observations writings of Alexis ameritoopia Tocqueville. Have too many among us already surrendered or been conquered? A reason I really liked this book is because how it makes you really see the power ameritopia our government and how freedoms can ameritopia taken subconsciously.

Utopia aameritopia a fictional island nation that featured plentiful goods to ameritopia the needs of its people, every person except rulers being the same, houses all the ameritopia, everyone dressing the same, each family ameritopia a trade, to change trades one had to change families, farm harvest by compelling laborers from the cities, every city alike, no private property, no money, no poverty, 6 hour ameritopia day, each family ameritopia between 10 and 16 children, ameritopia produced turned over to a central warehouse where each family takes only what they ameritopia, sick cared for in wonderful hospitals, but the chronically ill encouraged to commit suicide.

The author then makes a small ameritopia about the quotes, but I found it hard to see how the author came to his conclusions.

ameritopia Its size and reach are vast. Charges for Print and Premium subscriptions mailed to addresses outside the Ameritopia States are as follows:.

The concept qmeritopia taking some of the supposed greatest political thinkers and evaluating the strengths and weaknesses ameritopia each one’s theories is a clever concept for a book; but again, it was a little difficult to muddle through the lengthy quotes ameritopia find Levin’s point.