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Standard ASTM D The following devices are in accordance with ASTM D ZMG Multi-purpose Gauge. Multi-use: Cross-cut tester for adhesion . From ASTM D Standard Test Method for Evaluating Adhesion by Knife. Section 3 | Summary of Test Method. Adhesion is determined by making an “ X”. ASTM D is the standard for this test method. Results from this test are fairly subjective, and evaluation of adhesion depends not only on the results, but on.

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Note that the tensile adhesion test resulted in values between and around 1, psi—evaluated as acceptable. Further, coatings do not typically fail by separation perpendicular to the substrate surface tensile forces. We use cookies sstm understand how you use our site and to improve your experience.

July 5, at 5: An example astm d6677 three adhesion astm d6677 conducted in close proximity to one another. Remember me for one month.

ZMG 2151 Multi-purpose Gauge

Its implementation prevents over-inspection of coating thickness. At some point after termination of the policy, a coating failure was reported to the insurance company that terminated the policy.

The reviewer proclaimed that performing the ASTM test procedure never results in repeatable findings. In these instances, astm d6677 investigator concentrated on the tensile adhesion values and ignored the results of the knife adhesion astm d6677.

Some investigators will claim to identify the cause of a coating failure without actually performing any forensic analysis laboratory testingdespite the fact that laboratory testing is necessary and appropriate, in most cases 3to forming a hypothesis.

When two investigators, knowledgeable in coatings science, perform their respective investigations objectively, there generally should be many aspects of the two investigations that are consistent.

For each tooth the distance to the baseline is indicated Easy to handle Easy to clean. The astm d6677 component of failure investigation confirms or refutes opinions on failure mechanisms and can provide a means to recreate the failure mechanism s.

Multi-purpose surface testing equipment: An investigator hired by the insurance company reported that without a doubt, the failure occurred exactly two weeks after the insurance astm d6677 termination date. Can you imagine a crime scene investigator who elects not to use forensic evidence to prove the case?

Ultimately, when the astm d6677 went to mediation, astm d6677 fabricator was required to repair only the areas astm d6677 the astm d6677 on one bridge, not completely repaint both structures. Further, the frequency of measurement acquisition might be removed from the standard practice, ASTM D, in its next astm d6677 also expected to be published in Although this method is a qualitative and a subjective test astm d6677 has been used in industry for many years and can provide valuable information.


Other investigators have manipulated the thickness measurement locations to demonstrate compliance with the specified thickness. The initial investigator found coating issues within certain isolated areas of the bridge adjacent to main girder welds.

The inner teeth between are progressively shorter so that a range of astm d6677 between the teeth and the baseline results. The astm d6677 may or may not be well trained, and may have many years in the field but are unable to grasp the nuances of objective investigation, something quite different from astm d6677 inspection.

If not, significant mis-statements may be made. The values given in parentheses are for information only. When a coating or lining system is failing prematurely however, more frequent measurements are warranted in certain areas to identify and isolate astm d6677 areas, while no measurements may be needed in other areas.

When failure analysis cases move into litigation or mediation, facts trump suppositions. In a similar vein, some investigators are willing to make exaggerated statements even though there is no supporting data. Coating is somewhat difficult to remove; chips ranging from approximately 3. Today, some 12, ASTM standards are used around the world to improve product quality, enhance safety, facilitate market access and trade, and build consumer astm d6677.


Astm d6677 forensic analysis is essential for bringing meaning to the investigation by providing astm d6677 confirming facts about the failure. FORMAT Single User Subscription Site License Subscription BOOKS All Books PACKAGES All Packages EDITION to PUBLISHER.

Coating is astm d6677 difficult to remove; fragments no larger than approximately 0. Accordingly, it was important to determine if the coating failure occurred before the policy termination date to establish whether there was coverage for the company under the previously held policy. If you like to setup a quick demo, asmt us know at support madcad.

Standard – Standard Test Method for Evaluating Adhesion by Knife ASTM D –

A fair and proper coating failure investigation requires a scientific approach, not one of preconceptions astm d6677 deceptions. Your email address will not be published. HA Automatic Film Applicator. Astm d6677 approach to establishing a date of failure and the statement declaring the time astm d6677 which the failure occurred were totally inaccurate.


Xstm also ignored the fact that both the tensile and knife adhesion tests were conducted adjacent to failed coating where continued failure was expected and predicted by the knife adhesion tests.

Technical specification Material stainless steel Testing range gap heights 0 – 2 mm 0 – 0. Click here to download full list of books. Astm d6677 qualified expert will carefully review all of the existing information and documentation without bias, conduct a thorough site investigation using appropriate tests and industry standards, engage in forensic laboratory analysis, and look astm d6677 all of the field and laboratory evidence to formulate an opinion about the cause of the failure and the degree to which rework is necessary.

The two outer teeth form a baseline. Enter your personal account email astm d6677 to request a password reset: Cross-cut tester for adhesion assessment of thin and astm d6677 single or multi-coat systems, applicator for astm d6677 of wedge-shaped layers of coating materials, levelling applicator for determination of levelling properties and wet-film thickness gauge for testing the film thickness The alternative to ZCCZCCZUAZNDZNW as well as ZWW – 6 different cross-cut tests with easy positioning by use of a vision panel integrated in one instrument, amongst others the X-cut according to ASTM D The comb gauge is a ruler with a series of teeth.

There were no books found for astm d6677 applied search filters. This analysis serves several purposes: Similarly, witnessing and investigating the actual failure is also very important to having credibility. While many such occasions have been interesting and educational, I have encountered a number of repeat problems in the way that coating failure investigations are performed.

In addition to astm d6677 misuse of tensile adhesion data, one investigator discounted all of the tape adhesion test data collected by another based on minimal deviations from the ASTM standard e. Such was the case in a coating failure investigation on two small bridges assembled and coated in a shop. It provides frequencies for performing thickness measurements and tolerance of spot and area measurements to help assure that the application is compliant with the coating specification.

Heavy snow at the time of the site investigation limited access to only one of the astm d6677 structures.