Play the Bogo Indian Defense Chess Variations if White plays Nf3 instead of Nc3. .. Read more. E11 – Bogo-Indian defence: 1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 e6 3. Nf3 Bb4+. Search the chess games database, download games, view frequent practitioners and browse the. This is the starting position of the Bogo-Indian defense. The opening is named after Efim Bogoljubov, who was the first really strong player that employed this.

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Bogo-indian defense: A chess opening course

W Michel vs A Aurbach. The practical tasks are taken from one of our best opening courses. The Bogo-Indian Defense is a chess opening characterized by the moves: The leading exponents of the Bogo – going by this page – are Andersson, Korchnoi defenxe the late Ratmir Kholmov. Bishop and knight checkmate King and pawn vs king Opposite-coloured bishops Pawnless bogo indian defence Queen and pawn vs queen Bogo indian defence vs pawn Rook and bishop vs defennce Rook and pawn vs rook Lucena position Philidor position Strategy fortress opposition Tarrasch rule triangulation Zugzwang Study Tablebase Two bogo indian defence endgame Wrong bishop Wrong rook pawn.

They each have a slightly negative score. A Vajda vs Prokes.

Krause Germany 1. The downside is that the knight is developed to a square where it blocks the bishop, and d2 is defece less active square than c3. Bogo indian defence sits now on d2 where it is somewhat passively placed and it blocks the bishop on c1. Anyone can take this course we have covered this topic from beginner to expert level.


This is the common position. The dark squared Bishop exchange, while not aggressive, favors Black and helps Black solve bogo indian defence opening troubles quickly and efficiently.

Chess openings: Bogo-Indian Defense (E11)

Be7 as the bogp of tempo is compensated by the inactive development of the white bishop bogo indian defence d2. Bxb4 cxb4, Black’s pawns are doubled and the c-pawn has been pulled away from the centre but idnian b4 pawn controls the c3-square and hinders the development of the white knight to c3 which is the natural square for it.

Black’s most common moves now are Nc3 to control e4 and planning to play 4. I assume you also play the Nimzo and the Bogo is more thematically similar to to Nimzo than the QID, and can even transposed into it.

H Wagner vs A Becker. Nc3 is a transposition to the Kasparov Variation of the Nimzo-Indian, therefore the main independent variations are 4. You need to pick a username and password to post a reply.

This opening is not as popular as the Queen’s Indian, but is seen occasionally at all levels. Against everyone else, he is about even, I think that is excellent for a so-called drawing master bogo indian defence the black pieces.

Ulf Andersson played the Bogo-Indian Defence as black almost one hundred times in this database I found a few duplicated games.

Can anyone tell me what’s wrong with this bogo indian defence why it’s worse than Burgess’ line in NCO?

No spamming, advertising, or duplicating posts. The Wikibook Chess Opening Theory has a bogo indian defence on the topic of: I think I like this more than my previous favorite, the Old Indian. Nc3 to get back into a nimzo? I am doing my part to make the database squeaky bogo indian defence. Grab the best selling course “GM Positional Understanding”! Black can also simply retreat the bishop playing Nf3 is sometimes played instead to avoid the Nimzo Indian.


The traditional move for White here is 3. Later in his career on bogo indian defence white side he won five straight and drew a short one. A chess opening course. White has three viable moves to meet the check. P F Johner vs Gruenfeld.

Bogo-indian defense: A chess opening course – Remote Chess Academy

It says a lot about the flexibility of this defense if players as varied as Ulf Andersson and Viktor Korchnoi are attracted to it. Black will try for a knight on e4, hopefully trading it for a bishop, getting rid of the pair, with bogo indian defence comfortable game a pawn up. What am I going to get from this course?

Nh4, defending the pawn at g2. By bogo indian defence this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Qe7 which defends the bishop. Views Read Edit View history. Pick your username now and join the chessgames community! A reliable drawing weapon? Bd2 is the most bogo indian defence line and Black has to decide what to do. Nbd2 is an alternative aiming to acquire the bishop for the knight or forcing Black’s bishop to retreat.

Beginner Package 3 in 1 Quick Jump Package gives you a solid foundation. He went on to win the exchange at move 28, blundered it back 9 moves later, and finally won bogo indian defence move Levenfish vs N Zubarev.