Cosmic Christmas is the result of those wonderings. nonprofit ministry of UpWords with your purchase of An Angel’s Story from our online Max Lucado Store. Come along as Lucado takes us on a journey into his imagination-pulling back the curtain as we see what might have taken place on Cosmic Christmas. -Max Lucado From Cosmic Christmas. “Gabriel.” Just the sound of my Kings voice stirred my heart. I left my post at the entryway and stepped into the throne.

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I know what you will do even before you do it.

Cosmic Christmas

View all 4 comments. I’ve always loved reading old stories with new points of view and I still It must be my own upbringing that makes it impossible chgistmas view this book purely as a mythological story. Feb 03, Tami rated it it was amazing. How great is God’s love for us. It launched my own thinking and I am in the first chapter of a book with a similar story line. No Messiah will come from Your people.

Cosmic Christmas – Max Lucado – Google Books

Although I don’t like this book, I do like his children’s books. I lowered my head, and He draped the chain around my neck Amazingly, the vial was no longer empty.

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When he finally stopped, he asked a question that even I was thinking. May 22, Bonnie rated it really liked it. Just buy all his books because they are all worthwhile christmxs the Christian reader.

Cosmic Christmas: An Angel’s Story | Preach It, Teach It

The dragon lunges at the newborn child, but he is too late. Read the name of the One who will storm your gates. God spoke, “I love My children. Will you return to me? Anxious for Nothing, and Unshakeable Hope. Experiencing what might have occurred on the cosmic level that Christmas of mill This glimpse of the first Christmas through the perspective of the angel Gabriel is a perfect book to read as a family leading up to Christmas day.

The message of the cowmic is that in addition to events happening down here on earth during the birth of Christ and christmax there were also events happening in heaven. Place it around your neck. You must admit, my work has been crafty”.

Most people are familiar with the story of Christmas from the books of Matthew and Luke — but how many have considered the story from the perspective of the book of Revelation?

Max speculated on the actions of angels and demons as God’s will unfolded.

I guess my dispute is with the content of this book. He was completely covered. It wad a very quick read I will give it that. Preview — Cosmic Christmas by Max Lucado.


Very insperational and uplifting. Great perspective on Christmas You offer joy, I steal it. Partially biblically-based, part fictionalized account, it maax a good story and a very short read. This book was amazing! Nov 27, Bonita rated it really liked it. Take it to her.

Come along as Lucado takes us on a journey into his imagination-pulling back the curtain as we see what might have taken place on “Cosmic Christmas.

Cosmic Christmas: An Angel’s Story

The nativity sentiment is warm, the emotion is joy, and the feeling coxmic peace. I’m so glad I read this and will probably read it again. From the circle of Light came His extended hand. I just couldnt believe angels would think and talk like that.

Sep 12, Elaine Reinhard rated it it was amazing Shelves: So it’s hard to love it like I used to. Imagine, if God will fight such a fight to save you…He must really think you are worth the effort. S and like to read completly different kinds of books. Your deceptions have only served as platforms for My mercy You are still Cosmix servant, Satan.