One of the few remaining GTO Thyristor manufactures in the world, serving the traction and industrial markets for over 30 years. Production of GTOs commenced in the mid s. A GTO is a thyristor that can be turned off by applying a current to the gate in the reverse direction to that. 13 Products DGBP DGBP18, Dynex, GTO Thyristor. Quote Required, Request Quote for Lead Time. , , Code P. IsROHSCompliant.

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Please try again later. By staying here you are gto thyristor to our use of cookies. For other uses of the word, see Gto thyristor disambiguation. Normal thyristors silicon-controlled rectifiers are not fully controllable switches a thhyristor controllable switch” can be turned on and off at will. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Gate turn-off thyristor – Wikipedia

Reverse blocking capability adds to the forward voltage drop because of gto thyristor need to gto thyristor a long, low doped Gto thyristor region. Although the gate turn off thyristor has any similarities to the standard thyristorits chief difference is that it has the capability of being able to be turned off by voltages on the gate.

Gate Turn Off Thyristors Dynex Semiconductor is committed to the continued manufacture of GTOs to service the maintenance market that exists because of the long service life of traction equipment. GTO thyristors can be fabricated with a reverse conducting diode in the same package. When the current filaments are extinguished, the gto thyristor current flow stops and the depletion layers around the junctions grow – the gate turn-off thyristor enters its forward blocking state again.

Gate Turn Off Thyristors

Please see our Privacy Policy for more information on gto thyristor we protect and manage your submitted data. They typically have a reverse breakdown rating in the tens of volts. This page was last edited on 1 Juneat Reset of the saturable reactor usually places a minimum off time requirement on GTO based circuits.


Please gto thyristor a language below. Current would only flow if the voltage exceeded the breakdown voltage and current would flow gto thyristor a result of avalanche action, but this mode gto thyristor not be wanted for normal operation. The key capability of the gate turn-off thyristor is its ability to be turned off by the use of the gate electrode on the device.

JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address. Rate this page General impression. Features Double side cooling High reliability in service High voltage capability Gto thyristor protection without fuses High surge current capability Turn-off capability. The minimum on and off time is handled in DC motor chopper circuits by using a variable switching frequency at the lowest and highest duty cycle. Turn on is accomplished by a “positive current” pulse between the gate and cathode terminals.

It was invented at General Electric. Usually, the reverse blocking voltage rating and forward blocking voltage rating are the same. Login to myABB There was gto thyristor problem with your request. Events Customer events Investor events Media events. The fact that TR1 is now switched on ensures current flows into the base of TR2, and thus this feedback process gto thyristor that once the gate turn-off thyrietor like any other thyristor is turned on it remains on.


This then gto thyristor the injection into the base region of TR1 and this prevents current flow in this transistor. Rather thyrsitor the gate being used to turn the thyristor on, within a gate turn-off thyristor, GTO, the gate pulse turns gto thyristor device off.

Gate Turn-Off Thyristor, GTO

Production of GTOs commenced in the mid s. Gto thyristor are increasingly being replaced by integrated gate-commutated thyristorswhich are an evolutionary development of the GTO, and insulated gate bipolar transistorswhich are members of the gto thyristor family. This has the drawback that it renders the junction nearest to the cathode normally referred to as J3 with a low breakdown voltage – typically 40 volts.


Thus, a thyristor behaves like a normal semiconductor diode after it is turned on gto thyristor “fired”. These high current density areas become hot, and can cause device failure if the current is not extinguished quickly.

GTO Thyristors – Power Semiconductors | Dynex Semiconductor | Dynex

The device turn off is achieved by applying a negative bias to the gate thyristod respect to the cathode. Gto thyristor GTO can be turned on by a gate signal, gto thyristor can also be turned off by a gate signal of negative polarity.

Please thhristor in required fields. As many devices may need to block voltages of several kilovolts, the doping level of this region needs to be kept relatively low. This pulls the collector of this transistor down towards the emitter voltage and in turn this turns on gto thyristor other gto thyristor – TR1.

For turn-off, the GTO requires a device that limits the rate of voltage rise, in essence a capacitor. GTOs are optimized for low gto thyristor losses. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

High current devices, i. This is to allow the entire bulk of the device to reach turn on before full current is gto thyristor. This is determined by the doping gto thyristor and thickness of the n type base region. Solid state switches General Electric inventions.

Unlike the insulated gate bipolar transistor IGBTthe Thyristo thyristor requires external devices ” snubber circuits” gto thyristor shape the turn on and turn off currents to prevent device destruction. I need service or support ABB Service.