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Idgah is a story of 4 year orphan boy Hamid who lives with his grand mother Amina. Premcahnd has portrayed the emotion of this young guy very superiorly in . Idgah is a Hindustani story written by the Indian author Munshi Premchand. Munshi Premchand wrote in urdu with the name of Nawab Rai. It is one of the most. 16 Apr Article on Wikipedia – — Excerpted from Idgah (story) on Wikipedia, the free because it would be noon before they returned from the Eidgah.

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Idgah story in lawyer could not sit on the idgah story in. Not a single wtory or pan could be saved. His back is bent on which he is carrying a goat-skin water bag filled with water and holding the mouth of the bag with one hand. God alone would help her. At long last the day has come.

Noorey was waving idgah story in fan made of bamboo leaf. Mohsin had said something great. It seems they are going to come alive any idgah story in. Looks as if he is marching in a parade. Ln a selfless child! The child Hamid had played the role of the old Hamid. Hamid stretches out his hand.

Kn has all that remains weighed and pays in real rupees, just the sort of rupees we have,” says Mohsin. It occurs to him that his granny does not have a pair of tongs.


Why would her hands shake, if she caught a small thing like the bat.

The others have spent between twelve to sixteen pice each and bought nothing worthwhile. Then they would steel money from home and get thrashed. Chowdhry sahib at once told them idgah story in it was locked up in the home for stray cattle.

Here there is a line of toy-shops.

Idgah (short story)

And this time my eyes welled. Once I asked him where he got so much money from. Mahmood buys a soldier, one with khaki dress and idgah story in turban, carrying a gun on his shoulder.

Pay one pice and have twenty-five rounds of fun. What a foolish boy! Hamid watches them from a distance. Idgah story in comes Hamid with the retort, “Mister, it is only the brave who can jump into a fire. And then, when would you have money for this!

Idgah (short story)

Someone buys sesame seed candy, others gulab- jammuns or halva. My mother etory so fast after it that I couldn’t catch up with her. Perhaps, he is singing. And one day my father will return. The villagers also wash their hands and feet and come and stand in the last row. The plume on his turban was scraped off and you idbah make as many changes in his appearance as you liked. If he stands on the earth his head touches the idgah story in.

Hamid is so clever. Then come big buildings: Because I have no money Mohsin and Mahmood adopt such airs towards me.


They idgah story in not bothered whether or not there is enough milk and sugar for the vermicelli pudding. Hamid stops at the shop selling iron things. If they are pleased with anyone idgah story in will give him baskets full of diamonds. The pair of tongs was inspected by all in turn. She spread her apron and beseeched Allah’s blessings for her grandchild.

He is just looking at others with greedy eyes. That is why I bought them.

Remembering Premchand’s Idgah: Hamid’s gift for Eid

I am not the idgay who buys a pice worth of lollipops to tease others by sucking them myself. He looks with hungry eyes at the others. Even if they talked their fathers into it, they could not get idgah story in tongs.

They get a thrashing every day because they do not work at all. The soldier was made to lie down upon it. I will teach them a lesson. He couldn’t afford to part with a third of his treasure for a few miserable rounds. idgah story in

Idgah – Wikisource, the free online library

Only Hamid is left out. Public domain Public domain false false. The rozadars, stand in rows that extend far out even up to the well, going beyond the sheet.