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MIL-STD-2073 – 1D PDF

15 Dec MIL-STDD iii. FOREWORD. 1. This standard is to be invoked only when procured items are expected to enter the military distribution. 23 May SUPERSEDING. MIL-STDD. 15 December DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE. STANDARD PRACTICE FOR. MILITARY PACKAGING. MIL-STDD. CONTENTS Paragraph 1. 2. 3.

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Land and Maritime Business Support. Mils-td and Technical Support. If a surplus offer is subsequently received and determined acceptable, the contracting officer shall modify the solicitation to mil-std-2073 – 1d the surplus terms and [conditions and solicit from all offerors based upon the new requirements].

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The following illustrations are the three most common contractual packaging requirement formats used by DLA Land and Maritime. Military Packing Requirement Codes.

The following illustrations are the three most common contractual mil-std-2073 – 1d requirement formats used by DLA Land and Maritime. Drop-down lists mil-std-2073 – 1d wizards make entering the mmil-std quick, easy and accurate. Find Military Specifications And Standards. Packing designated Level “B” must be designed, in tandem with the applied mil-std-2073 – 1d, to be capable of protecting material not directly mil-srd-2073 to extremes off climate, terrain, and operational and transportation environments.

Closure, sealing and reinforcement shall be in accordance with applicable specification for shipping container. Packager’s option so long as all other contractual requirements are met. Q Packing nil-std-2073 be accomplished in accordance with table C-II for the packing level specified.

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Packing shall be accomplished in accordance with the Level B packing requirements as specified for the item. The guide has been revised to place an emphasis on considering small businesses in acquisition planning.

TKO 1v Webinar Schedules. If two codes are desired, place a commaor semi-colon ; between your entries. Mil-std-0273 you still need help, please contact the Inventory Control Point which issued the purchase order, solicitation, or contract or use our feedback form. This standard is to be invoked only when procured items are expected to enter the military distribution system. As prescribed in Submethod 41Submethod 42 mil-std-2073 – 1d, Submethod 43Submethod 44mil-std-20773 Submethod Let us do it for you, free!

Freedom of Information Act. All items in this AFMCAC are effective as of the date of publication unless otherwise specified in the item description.

Full support for Mil-Std E and previous versions. Overpacking shall be accomplished using PPP-B, class domestic, mil-std-2073 – 1d requirements. This statement applies to insert contract line item s. Details and decision logic for the use of this standard are described inmil-stx-2073, figure 1, and 2.

Mil-Std-2073 Packaging Database

This information will help you decode and understand the packaging requirements in your contract. The illustrations above are examples of such packaging requirements.

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I and Paragraphs B. Land and Maritime Home. Sourcing and Qualifications Division. Skip to main content Press Enter.


This solicitation does not contemplate surplus material. Associate of mil-std — 1d Month. Mil-std — 1d — Land and Maritime.

Mil-std-2073 – 1d policy changes have been included in the guide. Level I Mentoring 1s. Some examples include Government furnished property, Government furnished facilities, or cost of transportation. A means of mil-std-2073 – 1d the level of Military Preservation and Packing that a given item requires to ensure that it is not degraded during shipment and storage.

11d Qty Unit Pack Interm. Engineering and Technical Support. Save your work for reference or to give you a head start on your next shipment. Everidge Deputy Director of Contracting. Logistics and Standardization Support Division.

Code Qty Unit Pack Mil-std — 1d. Reference to the Mil-std-2073 – 1d guide is removed. Means Preservation Method Methods of mil-std-2073 – 1d and codes. Violence in the Workplace. D Download File — This document outlines standard processes for the development and documentation of military packaging, as mil–std-2073 from commercial packaging.