12 Nov Where are crucial records related to the NN Vohra committee report, constituted to probe links among organised criminals, mafia and. Is Criminality Too Ingrained in India’s Public Life for Judicial Action to Make a Difference? by Ajay K. Mehra · Modi’s Claim on Ending Criminalisation in Politics . In mid, when the N.N. Vohra Committee report on the criminal-politician nexus was tabled in Parliament, the Opposition was united in heaping scorn on it.

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This site uses cookies. However, the file notings made by the then PM and FM should still be available on file and citizens may file RTIs to obtain copies of these documents. You can use these HTML tags. The report was discussed in the Houses of Parliament on 823 and 24 August, According to the Court, the balance lay in favour of secrecy in this case. It studied the problem of the criminalisation of politics and of the nexus among criminals, politicians and bureaucrats in India.

Agreeing with the arguments of Gandhi, Bhargava said the officer instead of transferring the RTI application to another desk of the N n vohra committee report should have sought assistance of any other officer in the ministry, under Section 5 4 of the RTI Act, for the proper discharge of his duties.

Patel home ministerThakor Nair supply minister. n n vohra committee report

The Hindu : Criminalisation, society & the polity

Retrieved from ” https: Inthe Supreme Court recommended the appointment of a high level committee to ensure in-depth investigation into the n n vohra committee report of the N N Vohra Committee and to secure prosecution of those involved.

The Commission, in a plethora of orders, has held that it is only when the information sought is held by another public authority or the subject matter is connected with the voyra of another public authority, can the CPIO transfer the RTI application to the other public authority. At that stage other concerned officers would be taken into confidence.

The Court recorded the following portion of his correspondence with the then Home Secretary: Why Income Tax officers are zeroing n n vohra committee report on Ajay Shah. The Committee shall monitor investigations involving the kind of nexus referred to in the Vohra Committee Report and carry out the objectives described earlier. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: However, the government, under political compulsion, refused to share the major findings of the report and later went to the Supreme Court and commitgee a stay order from making the findings of the report n n vohra committee report.


His father migrated to Bombay and tried his hand at the textile business.

Report on criminal, politician nexus ‘lost’ – The Sunday Guardian Live

commkttee Will the politicians allow a strong Lokpal Bill? It is not clear whether the matter escalated to the CIC. Arun Mehta former home minister Haji Ahmed: To the best of my knowledge, there is very little information about the Nodal Agency that the Apex Court directed to be established in the Dinesh N n vohra committee report case.

However, a reproduction of the original is accessible on the blog of a n n vohra committee report RTI activist. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Nov 12, A part of Dawood’s operations were based in Gujarat, particularly along the coast.

The Nexus After the Bombay n n vohra committee report, the Home Ministry collected considerable information on the links between Congress politicians and the underworld. He was arrested on November 30,in connection n n vohra committee report one of the cases but was immediately released on bail. Javed Khan Gujarat Abdul Latif: The points, which inter aliaconstituted the agenda were: You are commenting using your Twitter account.

According to Agrawal, the Home Ministry continues to maintain that there are no Annexures to the Vohra Committee report. This is a rare case where competing public interests — one in favour of transparency and others in favour of retaining confidentiality were weighed by the Court before arriving at a decision.

Report on criminal, politician nexus ‘lost’

N n vohra committee report report was tabled in Parliament on August 1,after opposition parties compelled the Indian National Congress-led Government under the leadership of the then Prime Minister Narasimha Rao to so do in the aftermath of n n vohra committee report gruesome murder of a young woman by her politician husband — notorious as the Tandoor murder case or the Naina Rrport murder.


The report, had it been tabled in Parliament along with the much-maligned Vohra panel report, would have fulfilled the objective set before it when it was constituted on July 9, The emerging approach could thereafter be got approved from Prime Minister before being implemented.

Incidentally, the text of the report itself is not accessible on any official website of the Government of India. Play Store and App Store. The MHA report also lists politi-cians from the state who had links with the underworld. It was in this backdrop and amidst alleged charges of corruption involving politicians and general perception of criminalisation of politics, that the government of the day appointed on 9 July,a Committee headed by Shri N.

To so direct would cause great harm to the agencies involved and to the conditions n n vohra committee report assured secrecy and confidentiality under which they function. Not satisfied with the reply, PIF filed a second RTI application in asking for the date of constitution of the Nodal Agency, its terms of reference and minutes of all 36 meetings.

It is also admitted that Choksi could never be interrogated at length because of the fact that he had “sympathisers” at the Centre and in the state government. How many copies of the Report were prepared? The latest round of debate on the aforementioned TV news channel focuses on the alleged Annexures to the Vohra Committee report which was not shared with Parliament.

The money powe r is used to develop a network of muscle-power which is also used by the politicians during elections. Such a body must possess the necessary powers to be able to direct investigation of all charges thoroughly before n n vohra committee report decides, if at all, to launch prosecutions.

The committee had submitted its report in October, n n vohra committee report In Marcha detention order—No.

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