17 Mar User guide for both Sony Alpha SLT-A33 and SLT-A55 is available for download. Download: Sony Alpha SLT-A33 and SLT-A55 Manual. Manuals and User Guides for Sony SLT-A We have 3 Sony SLT-A55 manuals available for free PDF download: Instruction Manual, Service Manual. Sony A55 Review – A55 Modes & Menus. Sony Alpha A55 Modes and Menus The Bulb setting that’s available in Manual Exposure mode isn’t available in.

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ADI uses pre-flash, but also considers distance info provided by lens. Create a new folder with a number incremented from the largest previous number.

Sony SLT-A55 Manuals

Multi-frame sony alpha a55 manual reduction captures multiple images in sequence, then combines them into a single image with reduced overall noise. Notes On Continuous Movie Recording Support by Sony Mobile App Never miss an update again! By pressing the Reduce key without playback zoom active, the NEX-5 can also display images or movies in an index format for quick viewing, with either six or twelve thumbnails per page.

This can alpa save soby, since the EVF uses more power sony alpha a55 manual the LCD, and the Eye-Start sensor may be triggered with the camera hanging on a neck strap. Why is color Management Necessary? Selects the flash metering method.

Sony A55 Manual — Download The PDF Now

Enables or disables the help guide display function, which pops up helpful information when changing operating modes or browsing the menu system. The histogram isn’t shown in other overlay modes, sony alpha a55 manual as the electronic level mode.

The Mode dial offers the following selection of shooting modes: This mode provides sony alpha a55 manual to the eight preset shooting modes via a Scene Selection menu. Allows a photograph to be taken when the camera doesn’t detect an attached lens.


Shutter Speed Priority To get the sony alpha a55 manual experience on Sony. Switching The Recording Information Display disp Raw files are always recorded at maximum resolution, ignoring Image Size setting. Date and Time Menu Options: Enables or disables a small luminance histogram near the bottom right corner of the LCD display or electronic viewfinder in Record mode. Support by Sony mobile app: Screen 1 Top-Level Selection. Specifies the compression level and file type of images.

Cannot be set to Auto during continuous shooting or bracketing.

Download User Guide for Sony Alpha SLT-A33 and SLT-A55 | Sony Alpha DSLR Information Hub

Using With Your Computer Sony Community Visit our Community and share your experiences and solutions with other Sony customers. Pressing the Menu sony alpha a55 manual provides access to the camera’s main menu system, while the Function button calls up the separate Function menu when in Record mode.

In this mode, the Sony A55 offers its highest shooting rate of ten maanual per second, but with some limitations. Changing Other Settings Continuous Advance Priority AE: The Mode dial on the left side of the A55’s top panel lets you select various exposure modes.

Sony alpha a55 manual whether filename continues to increment from last image, regardless of whether folder or card has changed, or the card has been formatted.

After cleaning, turn camera off. Creating A New Folder DRO adjusts tone curve to bring out shadow sony alpha a55 manual.

Table of contents Electric Shock And The Electronic Viewfinder If enabled, the Delete button can be used to initiate a sony alpha a55 manual magnifier function in Manial mode. Selects in which direction the snoy will be panned when using the Sweep Panorama function. Using The Self-timer Displays the current firmware version of the camera body. Wide option lets the camera choose AF area, Spot uses center focus area, Local allows user to choose which of the 15 AF sensors to use.

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If enabled, sony alpha a55 manual are taken into account when determining focus and exposure. This mode provides full control of all exposure variables, including independent control of shutter speed, lens aperture, and ISO sensitivity, and hence there is no exposure compensation function.

Using The Steadyshot Function For regular shooting, noise reduction applies at ISO 1, or above. manuql

This mode is only suitable for relatively static scenes. Recording Information Display for Viewfinder What is a RAW image file?

Captures multiple images in a burst for as long as the shutter button is held down, then automatically stitches them into either a 2D panorama, or a 3D panorama that’s saved as sony alpha a55 manual multi-picture object file.

Shooting With Program Auto You can’t browse directly from a still image to a movie, view thumbnails or slideshows containing both still images and movies sony alpha a55 manual once, or access menu options except those related to the current data type. How to clean and maintain your camera and lenses. The fisrt press brings up a crop box that can be positioned anywhere in the frame with the four-way controller.