15 Aug Telos Vol 1, along with Telos Vol 2 and Telos Vol 3, are a set of extraordinarily helpful books for readers who are aware they are on a spiritual. 26 Jul Aurelia Louise Jones was born in Montreal in a French Canadian family in the early 40’s. She graduated as a nurse in the early part of her. All of Aurelia Louisa Jones’ books, as well as CD’s and card sets to enhance your studies are The Seven Sacred Flames – by Aurelia Louise Jones (Hardback).

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They are the survivors of the lost continent of Mu, who perished beneath of waves of the Pacific Ocean over 12, years ago.

She graduated as a nurse in the early part of her telos aurelia louise jones career, and also worked as a Spiritual and Health Counselor most of her adult life, as a naturopath and a homeopath, using several holistic modalities. This is an example!

About Aurelia | The Lemurian Connection

While reading the book, these children go through an experience of awakening – awakening to the new telos aurelia louise jones the memory opens and reveals a new, harmonious world which also provides these children with effective tools for coping with their daily, telos aurelia louise jones lives. The more Light you allow yourself to invoke, the more spiritual acceleration you create within yourself for your personal and planetary transformation! All of these books can be purchased from Mount Shasta Light Publishing.

At the request of Lady Quan Yin, Aurelia Louise channeled through her cat Angelo a touching message from the animal kingdom, now in a book called: I serve as an example Laughter….

Continue this dialogue telos aurelia louise jones you have resolved this feeling, until you have telos aurelia louise jones it. Our Lemurian brothers and sisters of Telos are our former family of ancient times and they are soon looking forward to coming out, to reunite with us once again, after a telos aurelia louise jones long period of physical separation. We wish to express our deepest gratitude to Aurelia for bringing forth, with our assistance, these Pearls from the depth of her heart and soul for the benefit of enlightenment of humanity.

Just a moment telos aurelia louise jones we sign you in to your Goodreads account. She graduated as a nurse in the early part of her working career, and also worked as a Spiritual and Health Counselor most of her adult life, as a naturopath and a homeopath, using several holistic modalities. She was also a spiritual teacher of higher consciousness principles leading to the Ascension process.


Ram Quatre rated it it was amazing Apr 11, In her own words she said, ” I am now inviting all of you to make a greater commitment to your ascension and spiritual pathway by studying more in depth the teachings given to us by Adama through Aurelia.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Dec 08, Jeyaprakash Jeyaprakash rated it it was amazing. As we all grieve her passing we are also rejoicing in Aurelia’s great victory of spiritual ascension. Seems like I’m enjoying them even more this time.

Aurelia Louise Jones

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Our children, the new kids, who have a different perspective, know.

Telos aurelia louise jones contains Pearls of Wisdom and Knowledge that will assist those seeking to attain Christ consciousness and Ascension.

We invite all of the people in the USA and all over the world to create study groups and ascension telos aurelia louise jones.

Greg rated it really liked it Oct 18, A great leap forward will take place when residents of the area awaken and understand that there is only one way to ascend, and that true awakening is through the heart. Aurelia Louise also channels Adama, the telos aurelia louise jones priest of the Lemurian city of Telos as well as other spiritual masters of Light as part of her mission. Aristia’s prices have been indicated below.

Several times, she has given conferences and workshops in various parts of Europe such as France, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain and the French Polynesian Islands.

At this time especially, these books are very important tools for the understanding of the future of this planet and for the understanding of how life was really meant to be lived here, and how we can change our present reality to a far better world by creating the consciousness of an enlightened civilizatiion.

Aurelia Louise Jones

Telos aurelia louise jones thank the rage and you imagine it transformed into te,os, joy, peace, a flower, a balloon, a bird or anything you want. She also telos aurelia louise jones in her practice holistic animal care and consulting, using nutrition, homeopathy, flower essences and several other natural healing modalities. Aurelia Louse Jones made her transition on July 12, and now continues her mission from the other side of the veil as Adama told her she would.


You will feel things inside of you or you will relive a situation you have experienced or will see pictures or people you do not know at all.

She moved to the U. Howard R Dowdell rated it liked it Jul 02, The names of the books are: With such a booklet, it is easy to create a telos aurelia louise jones devotional schedule uarelia invocations to the Flames or Light of God for you own benefit and also for the benefit of the planet and humanity.

About Aurelia

Web Site Design by Sue Palmer. Sinceshe has been holding conferences and telos aurelia louise jones in various countries of the world, especially in Canada, especially in Quebec. Belby rated it it was amazing Nov 06, telos aurelia louise jones She moved to Mount Shasta one year later in June Under the sponsorship of the Brotherhood of Light and the order of Jpnes, she was ordained as a minister inand has been devoting much of her time to the spiritual ministry ever since.

The Seven Aurepia Flames — Beautiful hard cover, full color book with 16 color graphics.

telos aurelia louise jones It contains 16 color graphics of the Masters of Wisdom, mainly those representing the Guardians of the Sacred Flames.

The new world of Lemuria is a world that uses sunlight to grow plants, vegetables, fruits without harmful products. TelosVolume 1 – Revelations of the New Lemuria Telos, Volume 2 – Teachings for the Enlightenment of Humanity in Transformation TelosVolume 3 – Protocols of Fifth Dimension Effects of Recreational Telo on Spiritual Development – a booklet telos aurelia louise jones 40 pages describing very concisely tdlos consequences for the souls who indulge in the illusion of addictions, especially the ones of the drug culture.