Wonderlic offers pre-employment tests and student selection assessments. Home of the Wonderlic Test of cognitive ability, and tests for motivation, personality. Esta es una prueba de su capacidad para resolver problemas. La prueba se compone de preguntas de varios tipos. A continuación mostramos un ejemplo de . About the Wonderlic Test. The Wonderlic Cognitive Ability test was created in , and designed to measure an individual’s general cognitive ability. Today, the.

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In fact, it has been said that some organizations in the NFL often look specifically for players with a score towards the 50th percentile.

Wonderlic test

If you’re working in a warehouse, the cognitive requirements may not be as high, but they are there. The Wonderlic Personnel Test-Quicktest differs from the Wonderlic Personnel Test in that it is not test de wonderlic giving employers test de wonderlic general idea of the potential applicant’s cognitive ability.

On the flip side, Jets QB test de wonderlic Harvard grad Ryan Fitzpatrick scored a 48, but has yet to quarterback tdst playoff game in his career, coming oh so close this past season before choking in the final regular season game against Buffalo. Wonderlic, in an article released instated the following: Archived from the original on September 2, Retrieved August 23, Retrieved April 10, The Wonderlic Cognitive Ability test was created inand designed to measure an individual’s general cognitive ability.

Wonderlic test scores have recently leaked during the NFL combine with top quarterback prospect Ownderlic Wentz receiving respectable marks on the exam.


Wonderlic claims that using the Wonderlic Personality Test to select individuals whose traits are aligned with the demands of the position, test de wonderlic can improve employee productivity, employee satisfaction and customer service while reducing recruitment costs and employee turnover.

Created in by Fe. A more recent article from Psychological Reports, however, showed that the Wonderlic was highly accurate at testing overall intellectual functioning, but is test de wonderlic as accurate at tewt levels of fluid or crystallized intelligence.

Wentz, a signal-caller from North Dakota State whom the Jets are considering in the draftscored a 29 on the testbolstering his already strong resume at the combine.

Proving their performance under pressure is all that matters at the NFL Combine. NFL rookies take the Wonderlic test at the test de wonderlic to measure their problem solving skills. United States Sports Academy. Released in the s, the Wonderlic Personnel Test measures an individual’s tst of solving problems and learning.

Wonderlic test – Wikipedia

Wonderlic results can be scored on a bell curve, with the highest and lowest scores representing the highest and lowest percentiles, with the middle representing the majority of scores.

Retrieved March 10, Our sample quizzes are merely designed to offer a similar experience and test test de wonderlic.

Retrieved June 9, Qonderlic tests are divided into four different sections: In the s Tom Landrycoach of the Dallas Cowboyswas the first to use the Wonderlic Personnel Test to predict player performance.

The Golden Gopher lands the highest score at the combine”. Retrieved September 9, The Wonderlic Behavioral Risk Profile test test de wonderlic individual’s three behavior traits: Systems analyst — 32 Accountant — 28 Executive — 28 Teacher — 28 Librarian — 27 Electronics Technician — 26 Salesperson — 25 Secretary — 24 Test de wonderlic — 23 Nurse — 23 Cashier — 21 Firefighter — 21 Receptionist — 21 Security guard — 17 Warehouse worker — 15 Janitor — 14 Validity of the Wonderlic test Validity is measured test de wonderlic two ways in standardized testing.


Wonderlicc a personnel test the Wonderlic is used to gauge an applicant’s job potential, educational potential, and training potential. You scored 0 of a possible 0 points, 0.

Full Wonderlic Test

But the NFL’s equivalent to the Woonderlic test has long mystified fans who are unsure of what it actually means for their team’s quarterbacks. Johnny Manziel had the highest test de wonderlic among elite QBs in the draft with a 32, after all. Test de wonderlic yourself for the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability test test de wonderlic this free 50 question test.

Do the word refrain and retain have opposite or similar meanings or no relationship? The Wonderlic Perceptual Ability Tests measures an individual’s ability to answer numerical fest alphabetical details sonderlic accuracy. Abbreviated, unofficial versions of the test are available online. Wonderlic Office and Software Skills Tests test a person’s computer proficiency and use of basic software. Chad walks 6 meters due East and Tom walks 6 meters due west.

I think they think guys who are intelligent will challenge authority too much.