: Tenth Grade Bleeds #3: The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod ( ): Heather Brewer: Books. Tenth Grade Bleeds #3. The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod. The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod. The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod. By Heather Brewer. 12 Jan The Paperback of the Tenth Grade Bleeds (The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod Series #3) by Heather Brewer at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping.

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Tenth Grade Bleeds #3 by Heather Brewer |

Vlad must deal with all of these things while he meets some new friend and learns a little bit more about his deceased father. Another new cjronicles is Henry. So what does he do? Brewer has been getting better with writing, I can admit that. Apr 04, Darien rated it liked it.

Since the death of his parents – vampire father and human mother – he’s been living with his aunt. Any time there’s an action scene he writes them in these big paragraphs. Says who your mom? You were willing to release your drudge and I still can’t stand chroincles.

Let’s face it, stuff making sense is becom If you want to read a vampire book with memorable characters, good scenes filled nleeds dread, action, and some hilarious shit, you are not allowed to overlook The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod. The plot was a little slow moving, and you didn’t know much about the intentions of the antagonistic vampires until the book’s ending climax.


This third book of five is a pivotal one for the series and hints of things to come are carefully woven into the details. For me, the protagonist, Vlad, is not an active character; instead, he reacts to the people, actions, and events around him. FantasyVampire the chronicles of vladimir tod tenth grade bleeds, Young adult. It is nice that Heather Brewer author is providing more and more information about Vlad, his life, and his feelings as the books go on.

He’s the supposed Pravus and apparently invincible, and yet he doesn’t know how to be a badass. Jun 03, Chiththarthan Nagarajan rated it really liked it. They are going to feast on humans, they are going to burn in the sun, and they are pale, imposing figures with fangs that reek with awesomeness. Vlad still has his amazing girlfriend Meredith, but with his blood hunger growing stronger every day he fears she might not really be safe with him.

He chased them down with every drop of horror he could find—in books, movie theaters, on television. Meredith is head-over-heels for him no matter what her friends say.

Tenth Grade Bleeds

Because of this the book goes by slowly and it’s more than a bit boring. All story, some character-driven aspects, od a good idea of what the hell was going on. Your heart will go bleed for Vald and his family as this epic tale continues.


I’m pretty sure Brewer is just making up her vampire mythology as he goes instead of starting out with the limits and abilities of her vampires graade planned out.

I’m gonna take you for a fucking ride ,” to which I apologized for the delay of reading and proceeded to be blown away.

It’s not something he really wanted to face. Fans grzde this series won’t be disappointed. Not only is this the third book in the series, but its also the most violent by far!

There is a moment where he feeds on a human for the first time, unable to control himself. Another great book from Heather Brewer. Now, I’m not one of those gals that thinks boys or men shouldn’t cry, but come on!

See all 5 questions about Tenth Grade Bleeds…. It has a fairly original or uniquely well-developed plot. There wasn’t a sentence I read that made me go, “Shit, that is deep. In action sequences things are constantly changing and with those changes should come paragraphs describing them.