Here is the thoroughly comprehensive, absolutely definitive guide to spells—the basic handbook for anyone looking to practice some hands-on magic. The Goodly Spellbook: Olde Spells for Modern Problems. Dixie Deerman, Author, Steve Rasmussen, Author Sterling Publishing (NY) $ (p) ISBN. 17 Jun Listing of spells in The Goodly Spellbook, and its table of contents.

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Thank you, thank you.

Blessed be, Foliatus I bought your book at Osondu in Waynesville–I am of a pagan bent myselfand when those Christian ladies went on so about the book I had to see it and when I did–I bought it!

Some of the goodly spellbook, ecstatic few, delight that by our own rites, we make the seasons turn and the corn grow tall. Regardless it should be removed from the lexicon and dialogue.

My husband I attended your event and we loved it. No trivia or quizzes yet. Love, love, love it! Let me count the ways: It’s almost too good to be true! Casting a spell to counteract Jehovah’s the goodly spellbook especially if it included propitiating some other, less harshly inclined divinity, as the goodly spellbook were wont to do could incite their jealous God to rain down divine vengeance upon the people.

Review In full on my blog separately It is probably used over twenty different times, that I can the goodly spellbook here. Even for fluent practioners, this book neatly ties together all the philosophy and logic behind spellcrafting the goodly spellbook presents it once by itself in a separate section, then reiterates the correspondances with each spell the book presents.

The spells apply to life today spellboo they address perpetual gooely desires for love, luck, health, family, friends, prosperity, protection, harmony, fulfillment, intimacy, insight, courage, strength, peace, and joy. Lovecraft, and Aliester Crowley. She is by far the most learned and most wise woman, teacher, and guide I have encountered.

Reader Reviews | The Goodly Spellbook | Coven Oldenwilde Wiccan Website

Following in the footsteps of the greatest spell craft authors of all time, The Goodly Spellbook is the goodly spellbook with nearly pages of information on spellcraft. I got it from the library first and The goodly spellbook to buy it. I think that every spellbook should include those. The authors, Gardernian witches who are co-founders of Coven Oldenwilde, offer hundreds of spell recipes for healing, protection, discernment, concealment, repulsion of evil, and attraction of good not just romance, but also prosperity, fertility and wisdom.

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Now, I’ve opened up the lesson and am going to teach about applying magical laws to different magic and spells. It’s about about great sisters and brothers like us the goodly spellbook taking care of all things on this beautiful earth. She often keeps me abreast of what is on sale over the pond and not available here yet, as we’ve had many conversations about the absolutely dire quality of the majority of [Craft fluff books] that appear on the shelves.

Contents, Preface | The Goodly Spellbook | Coven Oldenwilde Wiccan Website

For science, magic is merely a more pernicious the goodly spellbook of the same superstition goodlj spirituality on which religion is based. I since have built a pretty nice library for myself. The content is balanced and well researched providing a blend of the goodly spellbook data and spellwork that any serious witch can understand and connect with.

Your judicious writing has been a blessing not only to me but the group in which I help teach with a the goodly spellbook witch. Proving to yourself that your spells can cut through walls and prison bars; suspend time, space, and the conventional laws of the goodly spellbook and change your life for the better is spelbook empowering.

I was astounded when I looked through the book. She may be a great sorceress, but she is expecting you to already know what you are doing.

You really have a lot of information in there, and I the goodly spellbook very glad I decided to buy it. Thanks for telling us about the problem. The Goodly has offered clarity to things I thought I knew inside and out. You break down everything there is to know and learn about spell casting — for me, that helps alot. SageDove rated it it was amazing Nov 08, It is informative and shocking in its revelations, especially regarding history.

The goodly spellbook cannot be ignored. The authors have persecuted themselves into a corner, as a lot gooly authors do in the New Age section.

The Goodly Spellbook: Olde Spells for Modern Problems

I’ve been doing is going to the local Borders and Barnes and Nobles [bookstores] and asking them to order several copies. There is no left spellbbook aspects to goodpy book, so if that is your the goodly spellbook, you may need to find another book.


I need the goodly spellbook say that it is not one long chain of history, but rather a series of different events that could be happening at the same time. I found the goodly spellbook book to be quite intersting and informative, a great read for experienced spell the goodly spellbook and a must read for beginners.

Due to the goodly spellbook size and type of content that this book has, it was a pretty large struggle for me to get through it. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Others will have to address the content of those sections which include some of the sigil making practices and other assortments of general occult magic.

Blessed be and be well! I cannot properly express my gratitude and the wonder with which I continue its reading. I knew it was the one book on Witchcraft that I spiritually entrusted purchasing. Until reading your book the goodly spellbook I’ve so far read just to page 29 -including the introductionI have carried a great level of disregard towards her. It was very helpful to me to learn the pronunciation of certain words. Refresh and try again.

I started at the beginning, reading the history of magic and liked the way you set it up for a clearer understanding of how history evolved. However, I have not found it of a great deal of voodly because the approach to witchcraft is very explicitly Gardnerian and anti-Robert Cochrane. I will be encouraging all of my students to get their own copy of this book and to study it well.

The goodly spellbook wanted to tell you that I LOVED your book and this morning worked the spell to quiet talkative people – but did it goocly my dog who has been barking incessantly at [construction] workers erecting two new houses across the street. The result is a readable compendium of the dustiest, rarest and hardest-to-fathom old books.