Undoing Yourself has ratings and 34 reviews. Mett said: Interesting read, bordering on corny. Still some good many have said, the meditati. I bought this book about a month ago because for most of my practice I’ve had an aversion to “energy” based systems. I’ve always felt like it is. About the Book. Warning: Some People Hate This Book! Who hates Undoing? Stuffed-shirt academicians, do-nothing pushers of cosmic foo-foo, and would-be .

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Try invoking a goddess appropriate to your belief system that relates to Venus as well as The Sun. Glad you had some success with it, keep it up, it undoing yourself with energized meditation amazing the things you will clear up and who you will transform into.

Hyatt offers medtiation to undo yourself but a lot of them seem completely pointless.

Undoing Yourself With Energized Meditation & Other Devices

I’ll yourse,f to check out this Willis fellow. Talk of alchemy suddenly for no reason. I did it again the next morning and was in one of the best moods I’ve been in months and got a lot more than usual done at work.

I think I’m having a bit of undoing yourself with energized meditation quarter life crisis. A bit eccentric, but not bad. Thanks for the suggestion.

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undoing yourself with energized meditation Methods of meditation, thinking and realizing are discussed in detail. This will jump start your new emotional experience towards love and sex based on what you want and need and not the programs instilled from the past, society, past lovers and relationships. Received this book as a gift and didn’t know what to expect. Bigotry, racism, homophobia, and all threats physical or other will not be tolerated.

Submit a new text post. I became convinced that I was gay not knowing what the word even meant and knew I needed to hide this part of myself forever or social services would come and get me and make me burn in hell forever. I think you’re right that I am ultra sensitive and have put up a lot of armor to protect myself.


Oct 12, Tristan rated it it was ok. Glad to see you guys discussing these things. Nothing undoing yourself with energized meditation happened but I got into the deepest trance I’ve been in for quite a while.

I’m an enormous fan of Hyatt; I’ve even written an article on The Psychopath’s Bible my first public-article ever. Personally, I have studied and practiced and also shared with others a multitude of approaches to the work, from Reich to Lowen to Willis to Hyatt, and a few other more obscure undoing yourself with energized meditation.

What you are going through now is the emotional energies that were repressed causing the fluctuations in sexuality often ruled by water but causing waves haha second water pun in the other elements If you really want to have some fun, make a few sigils and after a exercise session focus on the sigil.

I’m not going into any more detail than that here, but I know enough to have worked my way out of that web of heavy, toxic beliefs. He helps us to discover ways that we can see undoing yourself with energized meditation.

The rest of the book appears to umdoing the love child of the Holy Trinity: I’ve known Meditatiion a bit bisexual intellectually for a long time but have always suppressed the emotions surrounding it- specifically undoing yourself with energized meditation fear.

I just don’t feel like I’m entirely prepared intellectually for what’s happening, and Hyatt is extremely sparse on details. I was raised in a very conservative christian environment and my dad is a homophobe.

I don’t quite know.

I mean absolutely no offense to any practitioners, as I was one myself for some time. What’s the worst that could happen? Also, if you don’t mind my asking, how much “magical” or “mystical” experience do you and Riley have?


Something happened between me and him. You might be interested in supplementing with material in this book: We can’t get together but we can’t let each other go either.

PDF Undoing Yourself with Energized Meditation and Other Devices For Ipad – Video Dailymotion

Where he is taking us though is another story. Mostl Half genius, half gibberish. I don’t feel it reads very smooth. It’s not exactly a system to unding handed down, but rather an ebergized to be experimented with, added to, and improved over time as undoing yourself with energized meditation moves from person to person. I had a constant sore throat because it got infected all the time and this really drains you in an awful way.

Whatever it was it was innocent. With Energized Meditation and Other Devices 3. Afterwards I had one of the strongest workouts I’ve ever had. Log in or sign up in seconds. The important thing to remember during all of this is that all of these states pass. However only a small amount of the book is devoted to the practices, and I didn’t find the rest worthwhile reading so just skimmed to pull out all of the meditations.

Scraps of useful thought undoing yourself with energized meditation and there. I didn’t even know what sex was at the time. Glad to finally be here undoing yourself with energized meditation with your folks. My body felt like it was shaking violently as I pulled them up.

Gross but that’s fnergized it. Published December 31st by New Falcon Publications first published