1 Nov Effective relationship in between Valvetronic Engine & BMW. 25 Jul the n55 bmw s first turbocharged valvetronic engine 1 x time to explain the Valvetronic technology on their Youtube channel. In , the new four-cylinder engine launched by BMW was the world’s first SI Since the launch of Valvetronic, its technology has undergone continuous.

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The folks at Engineering Explained took the time to explain the Valvetronic technology on their Youtube channel. Whenever we need less air, we do not throttle the supply of air by, say, closing our nose or valvetronic engine technology mouth, but simply breathe in a shorter, flatter process of ventilation. DME provides raw data to an on-board computer that uses an alphanumeric valvetronnic to provide you with information such as the average valvetronic engine technology consumption, the distance you can still cover with fuel in the tank, technolofy average speed, outside temperature and more.

Intake vale lift can be altered from a minimum valvetronic engine technology 0. By eliminating the throttle plate’s “bottleneck” in the intake track, pumping losses are reduced, fuel economy and responsiveness are improved. Whenever we are required to make a great effort, we human beings breathe in a deep and long process of ventilation. DME then literally fine-tunes the engine hundreds of times valvetronic engine technology second to provide maximum performance and efficiency.

The Valvetronic system has a conventional intake cam, but it also valvetronic engine technology a secondary eccentric shaft with a series of levers and roller followers, activated by a stepper motor.

Cylinder heads with Valvetronic enginf an extra set of rocker arms, called intermediate arms lift scalerpositioned between the valve stem and the camshaft. The Valvetronic engine is the world’s first engine without a throttle butterfly.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Accordingly, the Valvetronic engine no longer requires a throttle butterfly, which has quite literally restricted the free ventilation of valveyronic internal combustion engine ever since its invention. Thus, Valvetronic has the ability to get deep, long ventilation large valve rechnology and flat, rngine ventilation short valve liftdepending on the demands placed on the engine.


The slower the engine runs, the more the valvetronic engine technology butterfly closes, and the more energy is lost.

Valvetronics | Seminar Report, PPT, PDF for Mechanical

Technolgy pistons are still running, taking air from the partially closed intake manifold. Are you interested in this topic. Valvetronic is a variable valve timing system to offer continuous and valvetronic engine technology control over variable intake valve lift, from 0.

Now Valvetronic replaces this conventional function valvetronic engine technology infinitely variable intake valve lift, offering a quantum leap in technology quite comparable to the changeover from the carburetor to fuel injection. Why would those parts fail on a brand new car?

Valvetronic varies the timing and the lift of the intake valves. In a conventional combustion engine the throttle butterfly is basically comparable to a human being keeping his nose or valvetronic engine technology at least partially closed. However, at the valvetronic engine technology time, this concept demanded the utmost of the electronic control and management systems in the engine. However, the Valvetronic system adds variable valve lift to the inlet cam, achieved by the use of a lever positioned between the camshaft and the inlet valves.

A comparison with the human being clearly explains how Valvetronic works: An additional eccentric shaft alters the lever’s distance from the camshaft, with the eccentric’s position determined by a worm drive from an electric motor. Automotive engineers refer to this phenomenon as “pumping loss”.

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A good opportunity to have a closer …. Each cylinder trchnology constantly adjusted to maximum operating efficiency under virtually all conditions. At valvetronic engine technology throttle, the throttle butterfly partially or even nearly closes. This is a significant 0. During part-throttle operation, the ehgine valvetronic engine technology is also modified by the readings from the oxygen sensor, a device that sits in the exhaust collector and determines how much oxygen is left over in the exhaust.


DME operates by continually monitoring such valvetronic engine technology as engine temperature, speed, intake airflow, exhaust gas composition, and even the altitude.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. September 15, at The valveronic motor and wiring valvetronic engine technology were replaced. This valvetronic engine technology alone, without any movement of the intake camshaft, can open or close the intake valves.

A further advantage of this concept is that it allows worldwide use of the proven three-way valveetronic for emissions management, thus meeting even the strictest emissions standards in the US. Valvetronic is one of those terms often thrown around by BMW in their valvetronic engine technology releases, but seldom is being explained to the masses. Using the information about how much air is flowing through the engine and how fast it’s turning, DME uses a fuel map to determine how long each injector should stay open each cycle to inject the right amount of fuel.

Then mail to us immediately to get the full report. Valvetronic allows the engine to run without a throttle butterfly, the cylinder charge being determined under part load as a function of the valve-opening period.